This housing scheme aims to provide the best housing solutions and investment opportunities to potential buyers. Easy installments are introduced however people are showing great interest in this project since it has emerged on the map of Lahore. This housing scheme is developed exactly according to the needs and desires of modern investors where they can gain the best returns of their money.

Al-Raziq Garden housing society is surely the biggest success as the whole community is planned on international concepts. Living and investment, both the perspectives are bright here in this gated community which enjoys the proximity to all the main roads and important areas of Lahore. Everyone who decides to buy property for sale in Al Raziq Garden would get an upscale and comfortable residence in the womb of modern facilities.

A bright future and idyllic living are waiting for you in this gated community which is based on the advanced development concepts. The exclusive settlements along with the quality and affordable housing provide help to redefine urbanization. Among various other attractions, Al Raziq is more appealing because the developers maintain the affordability standards very well to fulfill all the housing needs of people without any financial burden.

Different plots for sale in Al Raziq Garden Lahore are available from which you can choose your desired one to build a dream home. The investment prospect is also extremely bright as the location and development status is excellent. This indicates clearly that the value and price of plots will be increased in the future giving the double benefits to the investors.

You can provide the best facilities and living quality to your family by becoming part of this approved housing society. The residence is a matter of great happiness and comforts here however people will be able to access all the facilities easily. People looking for affordable living or investment solutions will find this housing scheme the best choice from all the perspectives. The best lifestyle and favorable environment are delivered to you by the developers.

The market value of the properties in this scheme is high and growing many days by day. It stands prominent in the real estate of Lahore and assuring the high investment opportunities to all. You can also establish your business in the commercial sector which has a huge potential to give significant advantages to people.

Al Raziq Garden Lahore Plots for Sale

Different size plots are available here where you can build a home of your dreams as well as can invest for futuristic benefits. Such an investment at this strategic site will prove highly profitable as the current rates of the lands are reasonable with a clear indication of boost up in the near time.

The prices of plots depend on the location of the plot and its proximity to the facilities available in the society. You can either build a residential home on the land later or can gain the best resell value to get more than you invest. If you are looking for the best investment land at a reasonable price, Al Raziq Garden is the best choice. The society’s location and market standings indicate the desirable investment returns!

– 3 Marla 

– 5 Marla 

– 10 Marla 

– 20 Marla

Al Raziq Garden Lahore Payment Plan

Al-Raziq Garden has a very easy and attractive payment plan for the clients. The developers have introduced the most appealing and affordable housing project in Lahore in the form of Al-Raziq Garden through which they can be a part of a competitive real estate market. This place is offering different size plots for sale for interested investors at competitive prices. People can easily book their desired property in Al Raziq Garden to build up their dream home or to invest for futuristic returns.

Whatever your purpose is, Al Raziq Garden is enjoying an extremely high reputation, value and demand in the current time because of its outstanding approach in every way. Investing today here will prove extremely advantageous for the potential buyers as the current prices of the plots are comparatively low than the other housing schemes in Lahore. The rates are expected to be increased in the coming time which allows you to gain more than you invest.

This project has a great appeal for all which will help people to adopt a lifestyle according to the latest trends without going out of their budget. Affordability, high quality, and convenience, all these factors are kept in view while organizing Al Raziq Garden payment plan.

A lot of people are showing interest in buying property here because of the affordability and advantageous approach from all perspectives. You must book your plot here as soon as possible as the properties are limited and buyers are so many. The detailed payment plan containing all the details have given below for you. Have a look and contact us now before it’s too late!

Project Plan

Blue Town Lahore is situated right next to the newly titled zero-point of Lahore, N-5 National Highway, and Manga Raiwind Road Lahore.

Al-Raiziq Garden housing scheme Lahore is a master-planned gated community spanning over a large area. The contemporary residence is available to all however the development is going on rapidly in all the blocks. More than 500 houses have already been constructed where people are residing amazingly. The best-designed houses for sale are available in this scheme in different sizes for the people who want to immediately shift to elevate their living standards. Moreover, different size residential plots for sale and commercial plots for sale at the affordable rates are there from which people can choose according to their needs.

One visit to this housing scheme can give you a clear idea that how attractively the developers have planned and designed everything. The modern strategies are applied everywhere to shape the best living hub loaded with modern amenities. Talking about the infrastructure of society, you will find this aspect appealing also. The roads, homes and buildings and other infrastructure are developed as per the global trends while the neat, carpeted roads present the best view of the overall society.

The plot cutting is done in an excellent way where each plot has the proper connection of basic utilities such as Sui Gas, electricity and sewerage pipelines. People can construct the home of their settled vision here in the developed society where the residence at the vast level has already started. All the basic and advanced facilities of life are closely available to all however the society enjoys the best connectivity from all over the city. Best engineers and architects have planned this community in the best way however all the design characteristic fulfill the urbanized town planning and making this project one of the best LDA Approved housing schemes in Lahore. This society has the best town structure so far! 

Al Raziq Garden Lahore Location Map

This housing society is located on Main Sharaqpur Road close to Faizpur Interchange which is the most developed and perfect location of modern investments. Punjab assembly, Lahore Motorway Exit Toll/M2 and Mall road are near to this housing scheme setting the value of this location higher.

The importance and value of Al Raziq Garden location are highly kept in view by the developers of this project. While deciding any place to live or invest, location is the most important factor as it plays a crucial role in setting the value of your investment. Moreover, to enjoy a comfortable and facilitated living, all the necessities of life must be closely available to your residence. Usually, the new housing schemes are established away from city life and it is a general assumption that the residents cannot find the facilities easily. This is not the case with Al Raziq housing scheme as the most strategic site is chosen by the authorities for this development.

People can access the transports without any difficulty from this location because of the closeness of Faizpur Interchange and various other bus stop points such as Ghat bus stop, nain such bus stop, kachehri road bus stands and more.

There are various markets, grocery shops and bakeries close to Al Raziq Garden through which people can get the things of daily use easily. Along with the necessities, people can do other shopping as the best shopping malls such as Minal Mini Shopping mall, Sher e Rabbani Shopping mall and other malls are at the close distance from this scheme.

The best schools, colleges, and universities are also situated near this housing project which allows the residents to give quality education to their children. You will find the Al-Raziq Garden Lahore location excellent to start living a comfortable life!

Why choose Al-Raziq Garden Housing Scheme Lahore?

Al Raziq Garden is the top-class and highly appealing residential project in Lahore which is worth considering for living and investment purposes. The advanced community plan and town structure along with the availability of modern amenities make it the perfect choice in the real estate sector. For long term and futuristic investments, the experts consider this project appropriate where the properties for sale in different categories are available at a reasonable price.

If you compare the property rates in Al Raziq from other housing schemes in Lahore, you will find it clear that the rates are low here. It is now easy for people to build up a home of their desires and dreams and enjoy a pleasant lifestyle full of comforts. Investing here is a wise decision in the current time as the current prices of plots are low that will encounter a great boost in the future for best returns. Not only in the current time but also the future investing here will remain a good opportunity. Here are the main reasons to invest in Al Raziq Garden Lahore which is emerging as the best real estate development in Lahore.

1. The prices of plots for sale are inexpensive as compared to the other housing schemes in Lahore city that makes it suitable for middle-income people. 

2. Al Raziq enjoys the prime location and easily accessible from all the parts of the city through main roads.

3. The area is safe and close to all the facilities that make it suitable for family living.

4. This place assures the maximum returns on your investment as the property rates will increase in the coming time.

5. Easy Installment plans are introduced for the buyers so that they can easily be a part of this housing scheme.

6. The resell value of all the properties is extremely high because of the ideal location, ongoing development, modern approach and global town planning.

7. The society is packed with all the basic and advanced amenities to make one’s life pleasant and remarkable.

8. Advanced infrastructural development with 100 feet wide main boulevard and 30 feet wide roads network.

9. A tranquil, healthy and developed a living environment where more than 500 houses for sale have already developed.

10. A gated community fulfilling all the safety standards to assure a non-violent and peaceful living.

Development Status

As per the recent survey, the development work is going on at a fast pace in Al Raziq Garden. The best engineers and town planners are working together to provide an appealing living hub where you can lead a standardized living. Almost 40 percent of the development work has been completed in which various houses, roads, boundary walls, and entrance gates are included.

All the roads of this community are wide and carpeted however the proper connection of electricity, Sui Gas and water is guaranteed to the residents. You can start living here now as you will face no difficulty because of the availability of every facility and convenience.

Al Raziq Garden Lahore Developers

Al-Raziq Developers have planned and developed this project which is based on the best ideas. This housing scheme is established in an appealing way that makes it the top housing scheme offering the best opportunities. International development trends are highly kept in view and the brilliant group of people is hired to plan the community according to which the whole development work will go on. All the work and planning is done after TMA approval so that everything can go on legally and smoothly without any difficulty.

Al Raziq Group is the best developer company in Pakistan that works on the latest development concepts. Everything is planned in the best possible way to provide a high standard of living to people. Because of the innovative and high-quality approach, Al Raziq Garden is becoming the top-class name in the real estate sector of Lahore.

Facilities and Features

Al Raziq Garden is a well-planned community that is perfect to cater to the daily needs of people. Society is full of advanced and basic amenities that allow people to lead a convenient and comfortable life. Living here would be a matter of much delights as you can access all the facilities easily close to your residence. As we know that the significant part of Al Raziq Garden has been developed and a lot of features and amenities are made part to provide a favorable living environment to people.

Because of the special amenities, high alert security, health, educational and recreational options, more value and importance add to your property in this housing scheme. The developers have convincingly managed everything so that the requirements of a large number of people can be fulfilled without any difficulty. Living here is so exciting and delightful as the residents will find every facility in the real of this development. This creates a sense of contentment and privilege however it enhances the living quality here.

In this gated community, people can develop social interactions and can exchange different ideas and thoughts. All the features and facilities in Al Raziq Garden contribute excellently to provide people with an ideal sort of living full of comforts, peace, and delights. Here are the main amenities which the residents will find in this housing scheme!

High Alert Security

Boundary Walls

Modern Infrastructure

Wide Carpeted Roads

Jamia Mosque

Power Plant

Proper Water Supply

Parks and Playgrounds

Jogging Tracks

Community Center

Advanced Sewerage 

Educational Facilities


  • You can maintain a beneficial, futuristic and safe investment by becoming part of Al Raziq Garden. For developing your home and for purchasing the best residence urgently, come and buy your place in here. You just need to visit this place for making up your mind.  This project will provide you with a luxurious and safest residential atmosphere. This place meets all the requirements of people and attracts them to live with an ideal location and an easy payment plan. Do not miss out on this land of opportunity, dreams and desires and contact our real estate agent as Al Raziq Garden Lahore booking is open!