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    Park View City Lahore

    Park View City Development Lahore is one of the Vision Group’s most promising housing projects. It is located in Lahore, Pakistan, on Multan Road. Every aspect of society has been built with a modern and futuristic perspective by the developers, Vision Group. At the same time, its site on Multan Road in Lahore was chosen to give inhabitants a central position in Lahore that provides access to all important areas of the city. The qualities that set it apart from other housing societies are affordability, accessibility, security, and excellent facilities. It’s a 5,000-square-kilometer slice of heaven on Earth where fantasies come true. Land assessments have also proven that the society’s land area is ideal for both development and vegetation, making it the most naturally appealing investment location in Lahore.

    The community is divided into different types of Blocks, each of which sells a variety of residential and business plots. The owner emphasized the notion of small-scale investors being able to invest with their little capital when constructing this society, and as a result, investors greatly value the Park View City housing plan in Lahore.

    This is a licensed residential unit having the necessary NOC clearance and authorization from the LDA, Lahore Development Authority. This is located just across from the Lahore International Airport. Furthermore, in April of 2007, a decision was made to consolidate the DHA housing project. As a result, it is now considered a component of DHA’s Phase VIII. This housing initiative includes a large number of residential park view city plots available for you to choose from, ranging in size from 4 marlas to 1 kanal.

    Park View City Lahore in Lahore provides a high degree of convenience for its customers by delivering completely finished park view apartments Lahore, houses, and villas in addition to commercial and residential sites. Smart Villas was launched by Capital Smart City, and Awami Villas and Awami Complex apartments were launched by Blue World City. Every customer has the option to buy whatever they want in this scenario.

    Following suit, the administration of Part View City Lahore created a series of magnificent villas at reasonable prices. Because the villas are completely completed, they are available in a variety of sizes for consumers to choose from.

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    Location And Map

    Real estate is one of the industries that is influenced by several factors. In fact, most real estate professionals consider the location to be one of the few characteristics that may determine whether a property’s future value is high or low. The Part View City Lahore is a sight to behold! The housing complex is close to the Lahore – Islamabad – Multan Road interchange’s Thokar Niaz Baig Interchange. Apart from that, this housing society is close to other well-known and luxury housing schemes such as DHA, Eden Gardens, and EME Housing Scheme.

    The excellent location of Park View City allows for easy access to the rest of the city’s major centers. Because the society is located on the main Multan Road in Lahore, residents will have easy access to Lahore city centers such as Samanabad, Township, and central Lahore via the GT Road, as well as the Lahore – Islamabad motorway interchange at Thokar Niaz Baig to access the Lahore Ring Road, Lahore International Airport, and other urban sectors of the city such as Muhafiz Town, Valencia, Wapda Town, The PVC in Lahore covers an area of 4000 kanals. According to the promoters of this housing proposal, additional land has been purchased and will be included in the Lahore PVC masterplan after Lahore Dev approves it.

    According to real estate experts and senior Lahore real estate investors, Part View City Lahore provides a unique investment opportunity for investors because the housing society is already 75 percent constructed and not just on paper. Lahore PVC is one of the most investable real estates in the city since it already has a population and people.

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    Blocks And Plots

    The Park view housing society is made up of the following elements:

    • Park View City Lahore Tulip Block

    • Park View City Lahore Gold Block

    • Park View City Lahore Jade Block

    • Park View City Lahore Rose Block

    • Park View City Lahore Topaz Block

    • Park View City Lahore Orchard Block

    • Park View City Lahore Jasmine Block

    • Park View City Lahore Platinum Block

    • Park View City Lahore Diamond Block

    • Park View City Lahore Executive Block

    • Park View City Lahore Overseas Block

    • Park View City Lahore Tulip Overseas Block

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    Commercial Plots

    • 6 Marla

    • 8 Marla

    Residential Plots

    • 3.5 Marla

    • 5 Marla

    • 6 Marla

    • 10 Marla

    • 1 Kanal

    Friends Property Network

    Payment Plans For Park View City Lahore

    The PVC in Lahore now covers a 4000 kanal area. More land has been obtained, according to the Lahore PVC developers, and it will be legally added to the present land area of the housing plan after permission from the region’s authorities and land regulators. Park View City Lahore Payment Plan: Plots for sale in Park View City Lahore are available at affordable prices. The payment plans for Park View City Lahore are as follows, demonstrating that Park View City plots prices are among the most inexpensive in the Lahore real estate market.
    Friends Property Network

    Park View City Orchard Block Overview

    The orchard block of Lahore Park View City has a limited number of 3.5 Marla plots available. The price of a 3.5 marla property in Lahore PVC is one of the most reasonable in the city. The entire cost of a 3.5 marlas PVC plot in Lahore is PKR 3 million. The booking begins with a 20% down payment, with the remainder of the money spread out over 30 months in equal monthly installments of 80,000 PKR. Because of the 20% down payment, you will just need to pay PKR 600,000 to reserve a plot. Your 3.5 marla plot in the orchard block of Lahore PVC will be reserved after you complete the down payment.

    Park View City Diamond Block Overview

    The Diamond Block of Lahore Park View City is one of the most desirable subsectors of the housing scheme. This is owing to the fact that the majority of the block has already been constructed and has all of the municipal facilities. The diamond block, according to the Lahore PVC developers, is one of the most innovative and futuristic blocks in the whole housing program. A 5 Marla Plot in the PVC Diamond Block in Lahore costs PKR 4.5 million. According to the developer’s usual operating method, investors or potential homeowners can reserve their 5 marla plots in the diamond block by paying a 25% down payment. The 10 Marla plots in the Diamond Block of Lahore Park View City are valued at 7.5 million PKR. If you want to buy a 10 Marla property in Lahore PVC, you will need to put down a 25% deposit. The remaining balance will be divided into equal monthly or quarterly installments, as desired. One thing to keep in mind is that the plot prices in Lahore PVC are the most affordable in the nearby area. EME society Lahore and Bahria Town Lahore plot prices are at least 30% more than Lahore PVC plot costs. In addition, Lahore PVC is one of the few housing schemes in the region that still offers plots on a monthly basis.
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    Facilities For Residents

    The developers have set aside a considerable portion of the land for the creation of green spaces such as parks. Park View City Lahore Overseas Block is the most opulent part of the city, with all of the latest pleasures and conveniences. Park View City Lahore Overseas Block is the most easily accessible place in the whole society.

    Mr. Aleem’s goal is to provide a healthy and luxurious lifestyle environment; as a result, a 22-acre theme park has been allocated to the central theme park, where children and the elderly may enjoy their leisure time without worry. The following are the amenities available in the Park View City residential community in Lahore:

    Environmentally friendly

    The community will offer environmentally friendly, close-to-nature living with all of the modern conveniences. The smart as hospitals nature will deliver a unique experience not seen in Pakistan’s housing communities.

    Beautiful Mosque

    Society will provide for all of the citizens’ requirements, including religious ones. To accommodate this, the developers are building a beautiful huge Jamia mosque. This mosque will be smart, featuring cutting-edge architecture and technology.

    Health Amenities

    The creators have given special attention to society’s health facilities. The developers want to build state-of-the-art international hospitals and clinics for this reason. The emergency room will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with personnel and physicians on hand at all times.

    Education Complex

    To ensure that youngsters receive international-level education. To provide the greatest education, the teaching personnel will be professional and skilled in their respective professions.

    Residents of Park View City Lahore place a high value on education, and the administration has set aside 8.8 kanal of land for the development of a world-class educational complex.

    Business and Commercial Hub

    The developers have considered all of the inhabitants’ demands, including economic and commercial ones. Consequently, society will create an all-including commercial zone. Residents in these places may meet all of their business needs from within the community.


    A sense of security is essential in a housing society. A gated neighborhood provides security. People are protected by a security system that includes properly placed CCTV cameras and other surveillance equipment that is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To provide a high degree of safety, the community would be enclosed by a boundary wall with a failsafe mechanism.
    Friends Property Network

    Important Features

    • Grand Mosque

    • Water Resources

    • Eco-community

    • Education Complex

    • Accessibility

    • Club House

    • Retail Area

    • Beautiful entrance gate

    • I-max Cinema

    • Affordability

    • Maintenance

    • Gated community

    • Water, Gas, Electricity

    • Quality Development

    • Boundary Wall

    • Sewerage and waste disposal system

    • Underground electrification

    • World-class infrastructure development

    • Medical Facilities such as hospitals, dispensaries, and clinics

    • Sports complex with indoor and outdoor facilities

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